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This is Michael Winkler, we have Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions here, Rudolf welcome to Abbey Metal Show. The first question is from Cristy Slater she asks how does the process work on the siding, who does the solos between you and Matthias?


Rudolf: The question is about the idea, who has the best idea takes over Here is a question from Lenita Lehto, Rudolf are you planning to make a video to each song of the new album ?


Rudolf: We don’t know yet, because the question is to have the right idea. Nowadays playing videos on TV is difficult. VIVA is a different situation, MTV is different, other channels are different as we were once in America, actually I don’t know if it’s still happening in New York, maybe there are possibilities to do something in China and Asia, some possibilities in international websites, or national websites. There are always possibilities when you have the right idea. A new song can make it happen. It would be great to do something but it is always up to the quality of the song. Rudolf tell us a little bit about Luxembourg, cause Abbey Metal Show is based in Luxembourg, when was you last time you played in Luxembourg and when will you play again there ?


Rudolf: I think it was 6 – 7 years ago, or so. Oh no no no no wait it was I think it was 2001 for the Tour de France, we played with an orchestra, we had a famous painter who painted the Moment of Glory cover on stage behind James while we were playing. We played with a famous Luxembourgian conductor. I remember it because of the height of this paint, it was something like 6 meters high and 4-5 meters wide. He had to use a lot of colours and paintings and probably there were something in the chemicals of the colour like poison, cause I saw James after the concert lying on the floor crying. We realized then, that it has been a mistake to let the guy painting on stage while we were playing even it was an open air concert, so that was the last time we played in Luxembourg and recently we have had an offer to play there next year which we are very wide open to get and play there. Well I have another question about Luxembourg, your very first manager was from Luxembourg..


Rudolf: Yeah , his name was Roland Nilles, I remember that was a festival where everything went burn and we quit in the right moment after that we just stopped working with him Ok here is a question which I also asked to Matthias, do you think one is born a composer, or one can become ?


Rudolf: I think it is possible to have been born a composer, but you can also become a composer. Everything is possible as long as you believe. The most people do a mistake, they start with something which they haven’t a gift for, then get bored of it, or don’t believe in themselves. These are the most difficult moments in life when you stop to do something you want to do and when other people start to convince you to do something else and then you listen to the others and it’s like going nowhere, because you are doing something that others expect for you to do, but you don’t do what you believe in. Rudolf which professional direction would have you chosen, if your music would not have been successful ?


Rudolf: Photographer Scorpions sold more than 75 000 000 albums and your songs were covered very often, which cover version do you like most and which one do you still have in your mind ?


Rudolf: I like one from Green Day Rock You Like a Hurricane no question about this, I have also Blackout, I think it was made by Rob Halford, in a solo album I also played in this show and The Zoo made by Bruce Dickinson it’s very good. Tell us how did the Russian version of Wind Of Change came along?


Rudolf: Well after Wind of Change became very very big and made it, I mentioned to Klaus to maybe do this song in russian, but he was not happy about that he told me are you crazy or what, but we did it for Russian people because it was born in Moscow after Music Peace Festival. We had some troubles with it because of text didn’t fit as well as the Spanish version, but I tried to convince him and brought the idea to the then German management, which was part of the American management Doc Mc Ghee. He was totally excited from the idea and said ok let’s do it, I have good connection with a translation company. It came out very well and me and Klaus went in the studio in Holland and the song became a big hit in Russia, was played on many radio stations, then Gorbatchov invited us in december 17th 1991 his office in the Kremlin. Rudolf which music direction or singer / band belongs at the moment to your favourite ?


Rudolf: At the moment I think somehow Green Day is very good, I like also Nickleback. A Scorps performance in the Amazon, became the biggest local rock gig of our times, tell us about Amazon project, please?


Rudolf : Yeah it is done already it was really a great time, we were afraid a little bit of mosquitos, they can kill you with their special fever, Matthias was allergic to the injection before the flight, they also asked me to do it, but I don’t want that shit on my body, so in this case we took the risk and it will be shown as a bonus track from Recife and Manaus from last year also. It was a connection with Green Peace project Save Amazon it was amazing, it was unbelievable I mean we are swimming with the dolphins with sweet water dolphins and we had lunch with the jungle people there, eating crocodile meat and it was really blown our minds away. It is terrible how in this nation these animals can be killed so we are fighting for that and we will came out with a DVD in November 09. We are looking forward that many people can watch it. Have you already planned bringing the history of Scorpions in a musical or film on stage?


Rudolf : No but the first thing we will do is putting all our material library together from 1979 starting from Japan, until now just to see the difference in time what it be. Which song not written by you would you like to have written?


Rudolf: Stairway To Heaven Thank you very much, Rudolf


Rudolf: You are welcome, bye



Thank you  to Rudolf Schenker, to the Glitterking for the interview and for Eltonfor writing it down for me...

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